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M&S Back to School TV Ad – ‘Getting Dressed By Myself’

The advert is made by Marks and Spencer’s (moving image). I have chosen this advert because it is simple but effective and to the point. The way the advert is shot so it looks like the sun is rising up in the morning and it’s glaring though the front door. The camera start with a long shots and it goes up to a close up of the sleeve.  This advert has a good feeling about it and it’s happy. But it seem like it is shot in a way so it looks like is a home video that a parent or guardian would take.

Also the little girl is getting ready to go school as she has the uniform on and it’s set at the front door at her house showing that he is leaving for school or just getting down. This advert makes you cheerful because little girl is and really passionate about getting ready for school.

This advert is trying to tell parents or people with young children to buy the school uniform that has easy expandicuff sleeves. Which tell you the target audience will be parents or guardian with those who have child that go to school because it will last them longer with the easy expanddicuff sleeves so this could suggest that children grow fast? So this product will save target audience money which will help parents or guardians. These also making the audiences feel like this product is good value for money.

The age for this product is 4- 16 year olds and the gender for this advert is both male and female. This advert shows emotions of family love because the little girl talks about how her mum helps get ready every morning.

Advert: 20 Seconds  long.