Channel 4

Media Studies 28/09/14

Channel 4
An Evaluation

Channel 4 is a british public
broadcaster, formed in 1982. Though self funned, the station holds a PSB (Public Service Broadcasting) remit. These means that the channel has to legal “demonstrate innovation, experimentation and creativity in the form and content of programs,
appeal to the tastes and interests of a culturally diverse society, and
exhibit a distinctive character.”. A constable amount of “School Programing” is as required too.

C4 reaches this remit by documenting the edges of the mainstream, and creating new and challenging programs. Popular projects include Big Brother, The Dispatchers Series, and My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. As shows like these my cater for a younger, less Traditional viewer; Live sporting fixtures are positioned legally to channel 4.

In recent years,ln There has been a shift in the amount of original broadcasting that the channel represents. Film 4 as launch as a channel in 1998, after being a Film production company that accompanied since its birth. Its present focus it to screen outside productions as well as its own ventures. e4 was set up to bring a young demographic to The British airwaves, using American programing. Or though this station has had luck with various success with its original and sitcoms.

Very recently, with the rise of the Internet, Channel 4 have devoted there website to act as a second broadcaster. The site holds all of its channels and shows categorized in an effort to contain its feeing audience. The future of channel 4 will probably entail Web exclusives to hold its views on the site along with more advertising, making this service more profitable.

Matthew Keegan



Moving Image Advert

Institution: Barclaycard
Product: New Contact less Payment

The following Barclaycard advert is a very polished and modern film, showing a man riding a roller coaster on his way to work. During the ride, he sees normal and similar people taking their regular route to work, the difference between the man and these people being that they do no own a barclaycard. This conveys the message to viewers that if you use this product you become individual and achieve this desire to ride the roller coaster, that is now linked with the product. This means that the fun and exiting connotations of a roller coaster are then connected to the product too.

The idea the advert has created towards the barclaycard is also comical, because of the ridicules roller coaster. This creates light and friendly feeling towards the brand, as well as making the advert memorable to the viewer.

The clear idea of “new” helps to make this advert effective, this is portrayed in the high quality of the video and running theme of new and more efficient solutions. The roller coaster shows a faster and quicker way of getting to work, this is then paired with the quicker new contact less payment barclaycard offers. The fact the card is begin compared to a roller coaster also makes this advert comical as the idea of the card begin “unbelievably fast” is portrayed, as no one would believe in a roller coaster looping around the city.

Matthew Keegan