Axe/Lynx One is the Loneliest number

The advert starts off in an article setting and the song ‘one is the loneliest number’ starts to fade in. The audience then see a man wearing fur clothing which tells the audience that this takes place a long time ago, as the advert progresses the song gets louder and the audience start to connect the song to the advert, along with this the advert shows many historical events such as Pompeii, the world war and the titanic. This shows that the man has seen this ‘girl of his dreams’ throughout history but never been able to get her. But as it gets into the modern day he sees Axe/Lynx and puts it on, at this point the girl finds him and they leave just as a tanker explodes where they were. It then says, ‘don’t rely on fate’ this shows that Ace is a magical spray that will enable you to get the girl that you have been searching for centuries for.
The Advert shows the most tragic moments in history and the audience will recognise these monumental moments and associate sadness with the events and it shows the spray as the saviour from sadness. The start of the advert may also interest Game Of Thrones fans as the setting seems to be the same for the most part, as this is a highly popular tv series this is a great setting to start on as it will intrigue the fans of the show and they will carry on watching instead of ignoring it. The song which they have chosen is a very well known song and very catchy, the song will most likely get in your head and remind you of the advert and of the spray, this is one reason why this is a good advert as it keeps it in your mind even after the advert has finished.
The music fades down on when the man sprays it on him self to show something’s about to happen then picks up quickly when the women comes round the corner. Axe/Lynx produce a lot of adverts which shows the man getting the girl after he’s sprayed it on himself because their main target audience is male teenagers aged 16-26 and they use these types of adverts because typically what boys want at that age is girls and this tells them that if you wear this deodorant then girls will love you.