Homework – Analysis of the film trailer “IF I STAY”

The trailer for If I Stay is based in the present time in United States Of America in the largest city Portland.

This trailer would appeal to a mass audience due to the genre being a drama with a romantic story running throughout. The target audience of this film would be a female aged between 14-18 as the characters portrayed are young and one theme that is represented is a teen love story. Our secondary audience would be either teen boys as they may be in a band and therefore want to see the movie due to music being a key feature, or it could be mothers of these girls as they may have experienced different parts of the movie or are interested in what their daughter could experience. The demographics of this trailer would be your stereotypical young student. The psychographics of this film would be a person who is interested in music , love and fear and fans of the book. In addition to that another audience maybe interested and this would be the fans of the actors, Chloë Grace Moretz is a very young famous actress and most teenage girls look up to her an idol so therefore this could influence more viewers.

The trailer includes key moments from the film which are shown in different order to the order to the actual film. The camera shots used in the trailer create and build on the codes and conventions of the film as they a cut fast leaving us with plain black screens between some shots this expands on the theme of isolation and fear running throughout the film. We are first presented with a girl sat on a stage in an empty room this contributes to the emptiness and loneliness that the audience are made to feel. There is also a section where the main boy character is shown in slow motion this is a stereotypical shot to do in a romance movie to make him seem dreamy and to emphasise the idea of him being the teen heartthrob, this allows the target audience to feel an attraction and relate to most females in the film. We are then shown a shot of being at gig at a hand held shot view as it makes the audience feel and look like they are a part of the crowd. We also visit shots from the past of her parents this makes it relatable to our secondary audience. Then towards the end of the trailer we presented with a black screen for two seconds this is emphasising on the fact of the car crash,we then track around the scene of the crash. Soon after we are presented with the Adam (main character) looking upset and ill this allows the audience to feel his pain. Quotes are presented on the screen allowing the audience to feel the hurt emotion and worry and excitement to find out the ending.

The sound in the trailer also emphasises the mood as it starts off with a footsteps of a person walking into an empty room indicating the loneliness. Then the slow gentle chello starts playing expanding on the importance of the theme music, we soon have Adam and Mia our two main characters talking over the music sounding very fearful of the future yet excited of their new loving relationship. We the have her whisper “why does it feel like you’re about to mess up my life” this indicates the audience there is about to be a problem in the movie. Soon the chello picks up very fast and we are shown scenes of the movie following the rhythm the chello plays. Then gently Mia speaks over with enthusiasm but then her voice drops as she says “just like that” which follows with the scene of the car crash. Then played is a chart song that emphasises the emotion and connotes the main theme of the film of “staying”. The final words are “please stay” which expands on the idea of the title.

The institution is advertised at the beginning of the film and this is Warner Brothers this is a very popular production team and therefore will attract a large audience. The trailer follows intertextuality as it was first a book and follows a similar storyline and theme of it.

Rimmel London Advert



Rimmel London is a top selling cosmetic brand, this advert emphasises on the new ‘colour rush’ collection part owned by the famous Rita Ora. The video is 20 seconds long which makes the advert fast and quick, gripping the audience’s attention.  

The primary audience of this advert is teenage girls and this is emphasised through the colour scheme as they follow pinks, purples and reds which connotes femininity, these colours also highlight the colours of the products therefore will hook the stereotypical teenage girl. 

The images behind Rita Ora all follow the theme of London which indicates the brand name, this attention to detail which is given to the continuity of the advert can influence a different audience type due to the representation of the brand, as it shows typical London features, which are emphasised in a modern style.

Edgy and sexy pop princess Rita Ora is beloved for her catchy hooks and unique look.  Her funky yet hyper-glamorous style and London attitude is followed throughout the video. Her provocative clothing represents a seductive appearance and confident personality attracting a male audience. This rebellious image also gives her female followers an image to recreate. Rita Ora’s significance plays a huge part to the Rimmel London advert due to her following of fans  being a similar age to the target audience of ‘colour rush’ . This will appeal to her fans through the sound as its Rita’s new song ‘I Will Never Let You Down’ this song is played from start to finish highlighting the edgy and unique look of which the product portrays. The music gives the advert a modern feel as due to it being upbeat and funky; this indicates a young and carefree image and therefore gives a positive vibe throughout.

The voice over the music explains the idea of the product and this is a male voice which runs the contrast with the idea of the sexist belief that females can only wear makeup therefore adds a masculine take on the product.

At the end of the advert the ‘Rimmel London’ logo is shown which will attract the fans of the brand and therefore advertises the institution showing them to be relaxed and young this is then destroyed by Rita Ora writing over the logo in lipstick with her name showing a rebellious and naughty image. The advert then finishes with Rita Ora saying the slogan “Get the London look” wearing the product advertised therefore will influence the audience to purchase.