Channel 4 PowerPoint (Homework)

Created by Jasmine and Agnieszka~


2013 Innocent Juice Advert

This is an advert for Innocent smoothies.

Their inclusion of a talking fish and the use of Harry Hill’s voice suggest Innocent’s funny and light-hearted approach to advertising, as seen in their other adverts. This brand values not taking things too seriously and speaking to their audience in an open, colloquial fashion and in this advert it’s clearly heard in the voiceover and seen when a clip of a fish is used. Many of their adverts also seem ‘simple’ – wires can be seen suspending things in the air and stop motion animation is used – and have humorous stories or jokes in them, which expresses their brand values.

This advert contains a combination of film and stop motion animation. It also contains the voice of Harry Hill and a clip of a fish. The use of stop motion makes the advert seem to have a different pace than how it would be it were filmed. It also seems to of ‘amateur’ quality: it’s not ‘professional’-looking and this suggests to the audience that Innocent don’t want to put on a flashy façade for their customers or use elaborate wording to confuse buyers into thinking the product is better than it really is. When combined with the voice of Harry Hill – a famous comedian – this is a good effect because it suggests that his words are genuine too. The words that Hill says are also chatty and colloquial-sounding which adds to the effect and reinforces Innocent’s brand values as they are not using Hill’s endorsement in a way that seems unnatural or fake. Then, after the slight distraction of the fish, Hill goes on to add that “it’s delicious, you really must try some” before he says the brand name and the slogan. The way he addresses the audience as ‘you’ is colloquial, as if he is recommending the drink to a friend, and this way of addressing the audience persuades them to buy the drink because they are not being told to buy it, they are being ‘recommended’ to try it.

I think this advert has a wide audience. I think this is directed towards both genders and a broad age range because there is nothing explicitly suggesting that this campaign targets a certain gender or age group. As for psychographics, the target audience probably enjoy watching TV on channels such as ITV with the family or on their own if they live independently and Harry Hill’s endorsement appeals to them as he as an instantly recognisable voice and character and is known for being a comedian – this relates back to Innocent’s brand values of not taking life too seriously.