The Amazing Spider Man 2 – Trailer Analysis

The trailer shows many of the ‘baddies’ within the film and what spider man has to deal with as his role of a superhero. This is an important part of the trailer as it is what makes up the film and makes you question if he actually defeats them or not. We are also shown his normal life as Peter Parker with his girlfriend and aunt which is another important aspect of the trailer as includes his uncle who had research involved with the secret of Oscorp. I felt as if the trailer was showing us how Spider Man and Peter Parker is finding himself as a person and a Superhero.

The trailer starts with the spider logo fading into the screen which you find out is part of the costume as the camera zooms out revealing Spider Man falling. Doing this tells the audience straight away what film it is advertising. This is good because there are many fans of Spider Man so they will want to watch the trailer from beginning to end. The trailer begins with a voice over of the main character (Spider Man/ Peter Parker) however, it carries on with clips from the film with dialogue.

The music is upbeat and fits in perfectly with the trailer as it is a superhero action film, however when there is dialogue the music is made quieter which makes the characters voices stand out more.There are many times throughout where the scenes cut to the beat which makes each cut more dramatic. There are also times where the music speeds up with the cutting of scenes which creates an edgy atmosphere as you are unsure what will come next. This is affective because it doesn’t give away too much but makes the scene look dramatic.
There are a couple of Spider Man shots within the trailer, that are in slo-mo as this emphasises the power that he has and what he is capable of. It also shows how amazing the graphics are within the film.

Like many stereotypical films, Todorovs theory is used where, they start with equilibrium and move onto disequilibrium and get back to equilibrium, however with it being a trailer, it ended as it was disequilibrium because the trailer wants to create enigma so you watch the film. This creates a lot of questions because many different things are shown unanswered.

The institution is shown near the beginning of the trailer, where the studio company names are shown which are ‘Sony’ , ‘Columbia’ and ‘Marvel’. All 3 studios are widely recognised however Marvel itself is well known for their comics which has lead them to having millions of fans. Sony and Columbia are also known for there other big time films therefore that brings in more people who are a fan of their films.

Due to the massive fan base that Marvel has, the audience is even bigger. The psychographics of this trailer will be people who are Marvel fans however, there will also be people who enjoy watching superhero or/and action films. The demographics of this trailer will be mainly young teenagers to around 35 years old as superhero/action films are widely liked. However the primary audiences are both male and female who are most likely fans of the superhero film, and the secondary audience may be parents taking their children to watch the film. A lot of young children are big fans of superheroes however, I don’t think the trailers are aimed at young children because of the amount of action involved.

-Rachel Thomas.


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