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Jessabelle is a horror film (released August 2012)  based on a young girl in a wheelchair, she has moved in with her father where she discovers that her mum was in a wheelchair and has left her daughter videos. The film is based around the thoughts of what her mum discovered when using Tarot cards, which were ‘Death’ and that there was a ‘presence’ with her in the house. The girl in the wheelchair fears that the cards her mum pulled for her are true and that her mum presence is there after she discovers the videos. during the film trailer the girl finds her own gravestone and is confused in the fact of whether or not she is alive.

The primary target audience for Jessabelle is teenagers aged 17 to 19, I think this because the characters in the movie are also quite young and this could influence some teenagers who could be into reading Tarot cards and believe that what they say are true. This film may also appeal to them because of the link to paranormal activity. this may be good for teenagers because they thrive off the dramatic approach around ghosts and paranormal activity.

The film trailer also includes a enigma code originally from Roland Barthes. This is where the mum explains the code to the daughter on the video, this leaves the audience in suspense and makes the audience feel the need to watch it to actually find out what will happen. The structure of the film trailer starts normally and goes straight into a dramatic scene and then flashbacks to when the girl is sat with her dad normally again.

The opening shots of the movie are a close up of the young girls face; The camera is above her, this shows that she is powerless. what ever will happen is something that she wont have control of. The music in the opening scene is a phone ringing, with music quite in the background getting louder until it is overpowering and suddenly stops when everything is normal when the girl is with her dad.

The stereotype for this movie trailer is that people in wheelchairs are powerless and that all disabled people go mad and ‘not right in the head’.

The music during the piece stars calm and gradually builds as tension rises. This shows the audience, that the sound is taking over and the vulnerable girl is in danger. The contrast in the music used in the film trailer is noticeable especially when the dad and the daughter are together. this could show the audience that the dad protects the young girl and that they are pretty close. However this could also show that the dad controls the young girl and she is scared of what the father is keeping from her.


One thought on “Jessabelle filmtrailer

  1. Good use of media language and key terms, also a good reference to the theorist Roland Barthes. However perhaps you could analyse the transition and editing between scenes, (cross fades) and how this could influence the audience?

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