The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

This trailer is about the upcoming 2014 epic fantasy adventure film The Hobbit The Battle of the Five Armies, directed by Peter Jackson. It’s the end to the adventures of Bilbo Baggins and the company of Dwarves. The primary target audience for this trailer would be 15-30 year old males that like the genre fiction fantasy and also fans of the previous trilogy Lord Of The Rings fans who would watch the film as it’s made by the same director.
The secondary target audience could be women of the age 20-40 years of age as one the the man characters is Legolas who is played by Orlando Bloom who would appeal to women as he is good looking.

The music in the trailer is powerful as it’s emotional but the clips are strong but simple which makes the trailer really intense when watching. The track they have used is very mystical which reminds the audience that the film is fiction. Also it has a few silent sections which builds tension and suspense. The use of violins gives a sense that there will be sadness.

At the beginning of the trailer, before the music has started the main character Bilbo Baggins says a very heart warming speech which creates emotion and the feeling of sadness towards Bilbo from the audience because it shows that he has been through a lot and it has changed him, so this builds a connection with the Bilbo and the audience.

One clip in the trailer has very memorable language. The scene suddenly drops the music and then they use the line ‘I shall have war!’ Which is memorable as it’s very dramatic and also on the word ‘war’ they have made it more deep than it would have been naturally which shows that that character has something dark and mysterious about them. After this is said the clips change to war and anger as before was clips were of sadness and honour. But later on in the trailer the same character asks ‘will you follow me one last time’ and this shows that the character has a change of heart during the film. Also it’s the use of a enigma code as it leaves the audience asking the question of they do or if they don’t.

Then the title of the film is shown and it’s in gold, this is important and it shows power and wealth which links in with the rest of the trilogy and also it’s memorable so the audience will know when they see it they will remember the trailer.

The lighting in the film is mostly dark as it’s trying to show the darkness of the film and the tragedy and even in scene which are in the day it’s still dark as if it’s a gloomy day and this represents that there is no glimmer of hope. The one clip with shows a lot of light is when the town is set on fire and as well in this scene the light is not showing hope and happiness as we would associate it with, it represents despair.


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