Inglorious basterds trailer analysis

media language: Inglorious Basterds is a hybrid genre of dark humour, adventure, action and war film, this means it uses a variety of different conventions to match the different genres for example for the dark humor genre the trailer shows the words being splattered across a white screen with blood and the main character ‘aldo raine’ talks very lightly about killing and scalping Nazi’s, also  the convention of a typical action film trailer is used by using very short but action packed clips with fast paced music in the background and the trailer is fast paced from start to finish. the trailer introduces characters by using a clip with the protagonist narrating the whole trailer, the protagonist introduces himself at the very start of the trailer and asks for eight soldiers to help him with a task this is also introducing narrative, the trailer then goes on to show the faces of the eight soldiers. the trailer introduces narrative with blood splattering across a white background with narrative text smudged in the blood, the use of blood on a white background is very strong as that is the only thing to concentrate on, another way the trailer gets narrative across is by using the main character to narrate the trailer, he tells the audience what they intend to do, what he needs to do it and why they are doing it.

media institution: the institution is advertised at the start of the film with the company logo ‘weinstein company’ and ‘universal’ who are also the distributors of the film, although the institution is not very prominent throughout the whole trailer only appearing at the start, universal studios are a very well known film company, who people have respect for and just having universal help distribute their film it also makes the audience think that their film must be good as they have universal distributing their film.

media representation: the characters do not seem to fall into many stereotypes but there are some for example the protagonist is male and good looking (no homo) and the villains are male but this is a war film and is factual in some sense as women were not allowed to be apart of the war, so gender is not represented fairly. the trailer suggests fighting as it is set in time of war.

media audience: this trailer is targeted at people who like action films and fans of Quentin Tarantino as he has a large fan base, at the start of this trailer it says that the trailer is suited for all audiences but there is a more specific target audience that the company is aiming for, i would say for a primary target audience males aged around 15-45 because it is a action movie trailer which will appeal to the younger males around 15-35 and because of the time the trailer is set in it will appeal to the older audience aged around 36-45.

the trailer:


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