What If – Movie Trailer Analysis

The trailer follows the story of a sort of love triangle where two men both want one girl, it shows how the main character, Wallace, meets a girl named Chantry and you establish that Wallace forms an attraction to the girl. In addition, the trailer begins with a comical scene from the movie; it introduces the main character’s relationship with his friend, Allan, who is seen as the idiot of the film and coincidently is the brother of Chantry. However it then shows another scene in the middle of the trailer featuring the same characters creating jokes then ends with the same two characters but in a different scene which gives the impression that there is humour throughout the film. Another main aspect of the film is love; at the beginning of the trailer it is showing the main character rearranging words to make the sentence ‘love is stupid’. This scene is shown in the trailer to introduce the main character and what he thinks of love; however this is misleading and contradicts his actions as he does eventually fall in love, but foolishly with the wrong person. There are various sections of text which show up on the screen along with the tune of the music, towards the very beginning of the trailer the sentence ‘What if you met the right one at the wrong time’ appears. This message clearly outlines the basic storyline. Furthermore, other bits of texts that feature in the trailer include awards the movie has won, as well as trusting reviews which the audience can rely on and fully believe that What If is a great movie that will be worth their money. Overall the trailer creates a hilarious and also amorous atmosphere which makes you feel sympathy for the main character as he tries to steal the girl that he so loves off another man but also allow the audience to relate to aspects of the film and fully understand the humour behind the film.
The studio that has created the movie and trailer is not as well-known as studios such as Warner Bros. However they have worked with the main actor Daniel Radcliffe before. The main actors and actresses are named towards the end of the trailer; this is because the film is mainly focused on those selected characters.
The film is clearly a romantic comedy as it has the stereotypical concepts of that particular genre, in this case the main character has fallen in love with a girl who is already taken by a man who we get the impression is quite over protective of her. The main character does idiotic gestures to try and win over this girl. Additionally, the trailer displays jealousy between Wallace and Chantry’s boyfriend, which is always a typical feature of a romantic comedy. The trailer follows the love story but does not however show what happens in the ending as this would give away the entire movie plot, however this encourages the audience to watch the film and find out if Wallace actually gets the girl.
The audience that the trailer is aimed at could be a range of people, considering the actual film itself is rated a 15, the trailer can only show mild scenes which are suitable for anyone to watch. I think couples will be attracted to watching the trailer as it is a romantic comedy, maybe they would be able to relate to certain scenes and therefore would be convinced to watch the whole movie and not just the 3 minute trailer. However other various ages could be interested, such as 16-30 year old, there is a lot of immature jokes being made throughout the film therefore younger ages would relate.


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