Homework – Divergent Trailer


Divergent is a Science and Dystopia Fiction. The portrayal of a dystopian future is vividly portrayed throughout the trailer as short fragments of the split society are shown in the trailer, as oppose to how some films may show off the society it is based in.

The atmosphere created at the start of the trailer contrasts with the end of the trailer due to the equilibrium. However, at the end of the trailer the equilibrium is not fully restored but shows how the character has become stronger both physically and mentally. This reflects on how the atmosphere would change through the trailer.

The lighting at the beginning through to the middle is bright but the content is dull showing how the dystopian society is masked with the delusion of how it is good and beneficial for the people. Additionally, the brightness of the light shows the innocence in the main character that, to begin with, is oblivious to the dangers and evil around her. As the trailer goes on the lighting gradually matches more with the content of the trailer implying how Tris has realised the brutality of her surroundings.

The music to begin with is light, this matches the equilibrium. As Tris is in simulation, the tempo speeds up and makes the audience attached as to whether she will make it out. The music during the realisation toward Divergence is subtle making a swift impact on the tension build up. Once both character and audience have established ‘Divergent’ the tempo of the music builds up. This suddenly matching with the narrative making it known to the audience that being Divergent is dangerous, creating a fast paced tension build continuing throughout the trailer.

Camera shots are varied from medium to long shot to signify the surroundings as well as the character(s) displayed. However, subjective point of view shots are used mainly to vividly express the emotion portrayed by Tris, this helps audience to relate with Tris’ emotions. However, subjective p.o.v shots are also used to display the more intimate scenes of the different relations between characters; Tris and her mother, Tris and Four etc.

Summit, a Lionsgate company, is the only institution portrayed in the trailer. Lionsgate was formed in 1997 and have produced approx 217 movies since including the world famous Hunger Games series. Hunger Games, like Divergent, is also classed as a Science and Dystopia Fiction. This ensures a wide fanbase for the film and Lionsgate by having similar films produced, resulting in worldwide recognition for the company.

Given the genre of Divergent, the representation of characters does not fall into the typical stereotypes but instead recognizes the importance of young female heroines. Typically, many films hold the dominant male hero destined to save the damsel in distress as they ride off into the sunset. Divergent doesn’t. Although the trailer holds a love interest, it mainly focuses on the female heroine and how she makes bold choices to benefit herself. Therefore Divergent portrays a fair representation of women, instead of them being the bait in an evil scheme of some form.

Due to the fact that this trailer is based on the popular worldwide selling book by Veronica Roth already creates a wide fan base; demographically young adults. However, the psychographic attractions could link in with the representation of the female heroine. By using a fair representation of women would attract the female audience, both feminists and young females ready to watch a girl power entailed film. Overall the progression from book to film unites many different audiences into one; book lovers, the initial Divergent fan base, film fanatics and so on.


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