Insidious 2

The film industry have produced millions of films across many distributors over the years, the traditional ways of the film industry representing and getting their film advertised is through posters and trailers, either in cinemas, online or on televisions. Film institutions have chosen to use the promotion techniques because it easily gets to their target audience therefore giving them the publicity they aim for.

Insidious 2, released in September 2013, is a horror film. The films institutions are entertainment one, Blumhouse productions and IM Global in which these institutions specialize in horror and action films. Also these institutions are linked with the previous film; Insidious, also keeping the low budget of the film from the last carried through to the second. The target audience of the film is for the younger ages of 15-35 this is because this audience are at the age where they like the thrill and scare of the film, and therefore enjoyed the previous film, which interests them to go an watch the second.

The trailer uses fast a slow edits to show the basic narrative, the edits though change throughout the trailer. The slow edits are to allow the part of the narrative to develop to allow the audience to see what happens and to build up tension, for the fast, loud edits which then creates jumpy moments. The trailer shows only three of Toldorov’s Narrative Theory’s, the equilibrium continues until 28 seconds which is when the disruption is introduced, even though there is a disruption the edits stay slow and not manic which the audience may expect to see. The fast edits are introduced near the end when the repairing of the disruption is shown and they are trying to stop, prevent and hide from the disruption. The trailer obviously doesn’t show Toldorov’s last theory; the new equilibrium, this is because the audience would then know how the film ends giving them no reason to go and watch the film, instead the trailer shows them trying to stop the antagonist which therefore leaves the audience wanting to know what happens creating an enigma.

The trailer uses a calm, high pitch child’s song whilst showing the equilibrium, showing that the atmosphere is normal and calm. Also when the disruption is shown they also use a child’s song without words, this is a juxtaposition because you wouldn’t imagine a child or child’s toy would cause harm. It also sets the audience in a state of relaxation which changed when the disruption is shown in more detail. The trailer also uses diegetic sound, spoke by the main characters this is used to explain what’s happening in more detail and to also show what there thinking, also diegetic sounds typical of horror are used, for example screams to show fear of the disruption.

The primary target audience are males 15-35. The promotional material relates to the target audience because the trailer is jumpy a representation of horror and also the poster only using dark colours, showing the film will be scary which then links with the audience who are looking for a scare in a film.

The trailer give a representation of darkness with the dark colours on the poster, and the strange and evil events happening in the trailer. Giving a representation of good v evil. We can see this from the trailers lighting and dialog.


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