Chanel advert

The advert is very plain. Only two main colours (white and pink) are used. The advert begins with a close up shot of the model which immediately draws your attention to it, the advert is also quite short but it is very clear and to the point meaning the target audience are more likely to remember it and therefore remember the product.
The main aim of the advert is to sell the perfume to the target audience. The advert is very plain which shows the companies understanding that the product is the most important thing. Using the colour pink, flowers and a stereotypical skinny model also shows their understanding of what their target audience expect to see when watching an advert for their new fragrance.
The perfume is marketed at women over the age of 25 so therefore this is who the target audience of the advert is. Teenagers would be the secondary audience as they want to feel more grown up and aspire to be like the model used it the advert. Stereotypically woman like the colour pink and would like a perfume that has a scent of flowers, by displaying both of these things in the advert the success of the campaign is increased.
The advert shows emotions such as love and passion through the facial expression of the model and through her body language, she reaches out and looks longingly towards the bottle, this shows the audience how good the product is and helps them to believe in it more.


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