By Kieran smith – The Hunger Games 3 Mockingjay part 1 Trailer.

This film trailer is based on a sequel of the film ‘The Hunger Games’ that has 2 parts before this, anyway it starts like most trailers with the institution at the start called ‘LionsGate’ which can grab attention for the audience and also so they they this is a real trailer. From this it automatically starts playing music with in a instant, from the first scene. Anyway a plane comes flying in and the pace of the music changes slightly to a faster pace and it fly’s in, also one thing to note through out this trailer as of when the characters speak the sound of the music decreases so the audience can hear what is being said. After the plane there is a part where a little of speaking is involved the words that are ‘Listen to me, no one else can do this but her’ which is obviously stating Katniss the main character through out the series, these words are quite powerful for the start which also engages the audience… Instantly the music is turned up a notch after the text is said with a bang that i assume would be before a fight or the action. However it is still only the start of the trailer when she walks into a peasants hospital area which makes the audience think that because she a kind woman would she be helping these as she is on her own, not guarded by anyone. Anyway the sound decreases as a woman speaks bringing negative energy into the trailer and scaring the audience however the works used ‘She wont be able to handle it’ makes us think that there will be some big battle or game that will happen afterwards the female character also says ‘The games destroyed her’ At that point the audience should be on the edge of there seat thinking what can’t she handle and the desperation of wanting to know will make them see the film; also which is kind of weird and makes the trailer more anticipating is after these scary deep words are spoken another female character is shown, HOWEVER with a close up and stereotypical usage can be used here as she has tattoos on the shaved area of her hair. This is  not the usual woman that you would want to meet and can bring a sense of fear thinking that she may as well be the enemy. Anyway more words are spoken by a male character showing hope and a sense of victory if they follow Katniss (that is shown in previous films) that she can be their leader and make them the rebels i’m guessing victorious as of the scene before, also the music also changes in the back ground speeding up and makes you feel as if hope and victory is on Katniss side whilst the peasants stand up and gather around her.

Within a second the music changes which extremely dramatic and the deep sound of a male character who was in the previous sequels as the bad guy/president that in a deep voice that is intimidating towards the audience bans the Mockingjay the symbol for the hunger games that was in both the 2 previous films as a badge that represents a good luck charm which Katniss gave to her sister for good luck then was given back before the first ‘Games’ and she still wears since however this charm was noticed by the president (Evil guy) during the first film this shows he wants to eliminate the charm which can hopefully eliminate Katniss the rebels hope. This will indeed bring a shock towards the audience, pictures of the Mockingjay where shown in fields by rebels and peasants. Afterwards this can give shock toward the audience the leaves them in shock with a close up of a gun being fired into something that we don’t see which leaves anticipation into wanting to see the film and why is it happening.

The bullet sound also makes the music change to as deep sound has gone and music that would be more like action has taken the background sound as the rebels and poor people seem to charge down stair and into the woods whilst fighting against the governments guards (As they get shot).

6 second later from the previous bang and there’s an explosion, which stops the music for dead, that shows a character hiding from an explosion inside some sort of building.

Its a black out for a couple of seconds…. and then a young peasant teenage boy appears to be asking Katniss the great superior legend of Hunger Games weather she is fighting with them. A second of pause occurs and Katniss replies in a scared voice ‘I am, I will’ which gives relief however the audience still wants to see the fighting and action and what will happen. What i didn’t mention was the music at this point is almost dead science however the sound again is higher pitched and makes us feel as if there hope and the peasants will be free from the Evil government. Also something else to note is in the background of the music is cannons but from the actual hunger games 1 and 2 through out the games whenever a competitor died a cannon sound would be shot, this could mean that there will be many death from hero’s in this film.

Eventually the end scenes comes up with a picture of the Mockingjay symbol and the title of the film, with a memory sound of the original hunger games sound when Katniss sang it in the first hunger games and a old man sang it in the second to show hope and a loss of a loved one.

After that it is left with the month when the film will be released, copy right and the institution logo.

Overall i think this trailer would be aimed at teenager or younger adults ageing 13-35 as this trailer is suitable for all.


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