Apple iPhone ad 2013

Apple is a very well-known brand and recognised by the public on an international level. This particular Apple advert is promoting the use of music on the iPhone, as it is 1 minute long there is a large amount of time for Apple to capture the audience’s attention. The purpose of this advert is to promote the use and quality of Apple’s music on the iPhone, and hasn’t focused mainly on the iPhone but instead one of its features.

At the start of the advert the background music is soft and quiet and this continues throughout the rest of the advert. Unusually the background music isn’t loud in order to demand attention from its audience but instead it is quiet to interest and include a sense of curiosity for the audience to see where the advert will take them, therefore this will make the audience continue watching the advert until the end.

The people being featured in the advert are young and mainly between the ages of 18-28 of both genders, this instantly tells us that the target audience is aimed at young people, as its shows people who are familiar with using their phones on an everyday basis. The people also seem happy and energetic; the audience could relate or see that this is due to the music improving their everyday lives. However the advert is very basic and has no animation or special effects and this could attract a wider audience as it shows that the phone is very simple and easy to use.

At the end of the advert there is a fact stated that ‘everyday more people enjoy their music on the iPhone than any other phone’ this would interest the audience further as it shows that Apple is increasing its users, also it is the advert’s final attempt to persuade the audience further and possibly attract them towards their product. Finally the advert finishes with the Apple symbol; this tells us that Apple is an internationally recognised company as it needs no slogan or any other promotion.



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