Moving image:

This advert is a very attractive and engaging advert as it attracts many different audiences especially chocolate lovers. The advert is very unique and shows Cadbury’s  chocolate in a different point of view, using a gorilla playing the drums. Anyway as i said previously it is very unique and random that it doesn’t exactly seem like a cadbury’s advert if you have watched previous ones but the colour purple automatically makes the audience assume it is Cadbury’s chocolate because they contrast to each other. The drums comes late into the advert with music playing at the start with many close ups of this beast (gorilla) then out of no where he starts playing. Believe it or not but the advert is trying to sell Cadbury’s Dairy Milk chocolate’ this shows the people that make the product see the plain chocolate in many different ways and lets out different personalities of people. To be quite honest i don’t think there is a gender for this product however the age for this product is hard to figure out but i would estimate 15+ (15-35). I assume that this advert is trying to make the audience buy there product but also join in and have fun with it as well. The advert makes life seem brighter and more exciting with Dairy Milk and people should enjoy life like this gorilla and have fun! The moving image overall doesn’t show love or much emotion but probably the temptation for the chocolate to enjoy life like the gorilla.       By kieran smith.


3 thoughts on “Moving image:

  1. apallan21 says:

    Kieran I would say that the age range would be lower than 15 I would say about 11 because young children eat chocolate more than adults.

    • Okay thanks i agree because children and younger teenagers do eat a lot of chocolate and yes i also think that because you would expect younger children or teenagers to be more crazy than a 15 year old thank you.

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