Honda Civic Type R Concept.

Media Language: The new Honda Civic Type R advertisement drives a futuristic concept toward its targeted audience. This advert is visually pleasing in the sense that it demonstrates the sheer power of both humans and technology working in sync together in our everyday environment. Set in what appears to be Japan, the home and birthplace of Honda, this choice of setting really fuels the idea of wanting to give a feel that is revolutionary to its viewer. The red Type R logo frequently appears throughout the ad, clearly contrasting from the darkness of the setting. Red as a colour conveys a message of danger and excitement, something usually associated with males around 18-35 who enjoy the thrill of danger. Electronic style music is used to again emphasise the fact that the Honda Civic is a car ahead of its time. This genre of music would usually be used during action scenes of films such as a fight, car chase etc. All of which again relate to danger and excitement. After watching the advert for the first time i personally thought it was brilliant, and that it differed greatly to the other typical vehicle adverts. 

Media Institutions: The ad is aiming to make the new Honda Civic Type R look slick and attractive in order to engage the audience into the advert and intrigue them through an exciting array of events which occur in the advertisement, each relating to the Civic itself. For example; the well built, strong looking man could connect to the car in that the Civic is a well built and strong vehicle. At the beginning of the ad it appears to be just another normal car advertisement, but then that section crashes and opens into the main body of the advert. Using this technique greatly emphasises that this is anything but our normal everyday car, and that it is a vehicle which presents the future. Honda are clearly a company who strive to bring original and exciting things to the table, through brilliant production in their adverts and stunning cars with overall great performance. Their mindset is certainly revolutionary.

Media Audiences: Judging by the sci-fi appearance of the advertisement and the technology used in it, i strongly believe this to be aimed at an audience of 17-45. Reason being 17 is the age you can legally drive and that they have been born into a generation where technology and visions of the future are the language, and 45 is probably one of the last ages where people would be interested in new modern age inventions. Mainly appealing to a male audience as there are attractive women in the ad, as well as mild violence and explosions which would usually appear in action films which are also associated with males.

Media Representation: The advert is trying to tell us that the world is changing constantly, and that we are gradually pushing more and more into an age where we will rely on technology and original ideas.



One thought on “Honda Civic Type R Concept.

  1. This is BRILLIANT Olly!! Clearly shows that you have really thought about all aspects of Institutions, Audience, and representations and language. All that you have said, I agree with with the futuristic feel and how this appeals to the 17-45 age range. The point you said about the music is well thought about as it is also futuristic and fits well with the images that are being portrayed on screen. I really enjoyed reading your views on the advert! My favourite one!!

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