Share a Coke Analysis

Share a coke analysis.

In the mise-en-scene the backlighting is soft and bright, reflecting shadows on objects, it looks to be in an apartment that a few friends are hanging out in. There are objects around the room to make it look a lot more like an apartment.

There is a close up of a dog that seems to notice someone walking in with a bucket, this is a reaction shot from the dog. There are others grabbing coco cola cans out of a bucket with names on it, there are medium close ups of these people and their cans. Then the dog starts looking through the cans but leaves to go looking for some more cans.

The Music is non-diegetic, also the scenes changing through jump cuts. But nearer the end of the advert there is diegetic sounds as the dog starts barking along other dogs. But also there is studio sound because the coco-cola theme plays.

The advert is trying to sell Coco-cola, especially since it is the ‘share a coke’ time when they put names on coke bottles. The people want to try and get the drinkers involved with the drink.

The target audience is probably for people over the age of 12, because it’s a drink it is generally targeted at all ages but younger children are advised not to drink sugar filled drinks such as coco-cola.

The advert is filmed in many different locations some better off than others, and some looks as if they’re in bad areas, so this shows that they are available for everyone to drink and anyone can buy a coke if they want to.


2 thoughts on “Share a Coke Analysis

  1. racheljaynexo says:

    As a whole, I think this analysis is good. However is there anything you can add about the target audience as it doesn’t really say much, so the demographics for example?

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