transition day work

Cadbury’s Gorilla Advert

advert link :

i chose this advert because it is simple and effective in the way its made, this advert is a comedic advert and its audience is made for all ages.

media audiences, the audience for this advert is all ages because cadbury have personified a gorilla to give it human like features by playing the drums this will appeal to a younger audience of both genders as they would find it funny and it also appeals to a older audience as the song that is being played is from 1981 and was a popular song, by using this song it gives the older audience a nostalgic feel which they can then relate to with the advert.

media institutions, The advert is trying to sell Cadbury’s chocolate

media representations, This advert shows a gorilla playing the drums, but it looks happy while doing it, this gives the impression/representation that you should do what makes you happy also the gorilla by himself which gives the impression that he is a individual because no other gorilla plays the drums.

media language, The adverts is simple but is very effective, the lighting doesnt change through out the advert and the camera pans out slowly keeping the advert very calm, while the camera is panning out there is a close up of the gorilla’s face showing its facial expression giving the gorilla human like features and giving the gorilla the most attention as it is the most important part of the advert, also from the start the music starts off quiet and towards the end starts to speed which brings up the pace of the advert. the background of the advert is plain but uses the colours of cadbury which is purple and white, this will also make people associate these colours with the advert so whenever they see these colours they will think of the advert. finally at the end of the advert it fades out to a all purple background with a picture of a cadburys chocolate bar and their slogan “a glass and half full of joy”.


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