Media language ;
The first shot of the piece is of 20 man orchestra sat in silence with their backs turned away from the camera in what seems to be an abandoned warehouse. a shadowed figure then walks across an abandoned, black and white lighting rig screeching ad rocking with each step. The sinister classic music then starts as the camera turns to the blacked out faces of the orchestra. The lack of facial content until the very end of the advert adds to the suspense of the piece.

The advert is to promote the return of legendary wrestler ‘sting’ whom has been out if the business for over 10 years. I believe the setting of the advert (abandoned warehouse) almost implies that he has been hiding away until his ‘big return’. The fact the company have made an advert to promote and inform the viewers of just one upcoming wrestler when 10’s of them join the roster each year really shows that the company is exited and enthusiastic about the ‘product’.

I would say that the MAIN target audience of the piece would be the older wrestling fans as they have grown up with this legend on their screens therefore they are more inclined to purchase the game and watch the program. However the younger viewers of the ‘WWE’ will watch to keep the program fresh and interesting.


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  1. The analysis is clear and easy to understand, the main aspects and ideas are explained. Although things such as Institutions are not considered and also nothing is explained in terms of feelings and media Representations. So maybe could you add on this.

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