Cadburys eyebrows

The layout of the advert promoting Cadbury is pretty plain making sure that the everyone concentrates on the young boy and young girl. The advert starts of with the two characters preparing themselves for a school photo. The young boy is all in grey and the young girl had a purple dress on. The reason they decided to dress her in purple is because purple is the main theme colour for the company and product. There is a no monologue throughout the advert keeping it simple and funny. 17 seconds into the advert music starts playing. The music is unforgettable and easily recognisable and again funny when the two characters start moving their eyebrows completely deadpan making the whole advert funny.The advert has a comedy feel to it and and really puts a smile on the viewer/audience. Also the music gives the audience the chance to get involved giving it a direct feel to it.

The advert is trying to sell a chocolate bar. Not only selling but making and giving the audience the opportunity to feel happy and get into a really good mood by not just watching but my dancing or even having a go at moving there eyebrows aswell. By making the advert really happy and upbeat is telling the audience that if you eat this chocolate bar it will make you happy and it will make you smile. This tells me that the people that made the advert is really clever with promotion but also enjoy their work and believe in the product they have by keeping the advert so simple.

There isn’t really a lot to say about the target audience, the advert is selling a chocolate bar which all ages and genders can appeal to. The advert also appeals to all ages and genders because there is a young boy and girl basically being silly, kids of the same age can relate to it older people laugh at it and parents and grand parents can think its funny and cute because they can have you children and grand children other own. Another reason why it appeals to all genders and ages because the colour scheme is not only promoting the product main colour which is purple but there are no other stereotypical colours for males and females like blue and pink.

What’s does the advert say about life? Everything is made better by chocolate! I think that is the main feeling of the advert happiness. At the start if the advert the two characters are both sat waiting for their picture to be taken and both of their faces are deadpan miserable. Their faces do not change throughout the advert leaving the focus on to the boogieing eyebrows. Again this adds a happy and comedy feel to the advert. The emotions I get from the advert is love and happiness. The reason why I get love is because another thing I get from the advert is that if you eat this chocolate you will hear music in your head and go into your own little world of deliciousness and love for chocolate. Also this brand of chocolate will instantly make and bad situation good and any bad mood good… Instant happiness.


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