Rimmel London Advert



Rimmel London is a top selling cosmetic brand, this advert emphasises on the new ‘colour rush’ collection part owned by the famous Rita Ora. The video is 20 seconds long which makes the advert fast and quick, gripping the audience’s attention.  

The primary audience of this advert is teenage girls and this is emphasised through the colour scheme as they follow pinks, purples and reds which connotes femininity, these colours also highlight the colours of the products therefore will hook the stereotypical teenage girl. 

The images behind Rita Ora all follow the theme of London which indicates the brand name, this attention to detail which is given to the continuity of the advert can influence a different audience type due to the representation of the brand, as it shows typical London features, which are emphasised in a modern style.

Edgy and sexy pop princess Rita Ora is beloved for her catchy hooks and unique look.  Her funky yet hyper-glamorous style and London attitude is followed throughout the video. Her provocative clothing represents a seductive appearance and confident personality attracting a male audience. This rebellious image also gives her female followers an image to recreate. Rita Ora’s significance plays a huge part to the Rimmel London advert due to her following of fans  being a similar age to the target audience of ‘colour rush’ . This will appeal to her fans through the sound as its Rita’s new song ‘I Will Never Let You Down’ this song is played from start to finish highlighting the edgy and unique look of which the product portrays. The music gives the advert a modern feel as due to it being upbeat and funky; this indicates a young and carefree image and therefore gives a positive vibe throughout.

The voice over the music explains the idea of the product and this is a male voice which runs the contrast with the idea of the sexist belief that females can only wear makeup therefore adds a masculine take on the product.

At the end of the advert the ‘Rimmel London’ logo is shown which will attract the fans of the brand and therefore advertises the institution showing them to be relaxed and young this is then destroyed by Rita Ora writing over the logo in lipstick with her name showing a rebellious and naughty image. The advert then finishes with Rita Ora saying the slogan “Get the London look” wearing the product advertised therefore will influence the audience to purchase.


2 thoughts on “Rimmel London Advert

  1. Elle,
    Your analysis is good. Your point about the male voice is interesting as it is something not many people think about.
    However you have not included much about the audience besides saying it will ‘hook the stereotypical teenage girl’. Could you possibly go into detail and tell me the primary and secondary audiences, the demographic and the psychographic?

    Also, you say “the continuity of the advert can influence a different audience type due to the representation of the brand…” What different audience types may see this advert and what effect will the advert have on each of the different audiences?


  2. Okay thank you.

    This advert would appeal to a mass audience as rimmel london is a very popular make up brand.
    The primary audience of this advert would have to be teenage girls following the demographics of 14-17 year old females and this is emphasized through the color scheme of the product,where as your secondary audience would most likely to be the mothers of these children who will purchase the product as presents for their children or approve of their child wearing this product, The psychographics of this advert would be females who are interested in beauty and your stereotypical young girl interests.

    This advert is most likely to be on channels like MTV , Chart Show ,Capital where rita oras music will be played and therefore her fanbase will be watching therefore their will be more interest. Other people who will see the advert will be fans of these channels and this could be young boys. and would this advert would have a different effect on him to what it has on your target audience.

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