Katy Perry Killer Queen Advert

In this 1 minute long advert for her perfume “Killer Queen”, Katy Perry begins being dressed and made up by many people around her – the accompanying sound of classical, Victorian style music layered with laughter and whispers creates an uncomfortable and somewhat eerie atmosphere portraying how she feels inside and the discomfort and anxiety she’s experiencing by not being in control. The white wig contrasting with her red dress represents a sense of innocence teamed with an undercurrent of seduction. A change in music mirrors a change in her character when she decides to take control, rips her wig and accessories off and sprays the perfume on her. The harder, more rhythmic beat indicates power, authority and influence. The fact this happens as she sprays the perfume indicates the product is being represented as confidence building and passionate. The significance of her white hair changing to black represents a loss of innocence and corruption within her. These details teamed together in the slogan “Own the throne” reveal the strong, sultry and edgy nature of not only the perfume but the Katy Perry brand.

The brand “Killer Queen” references the song ‘Killer Queen’ by Queen – the woman in the song is represented as powerful, captivating and influential, much like Katy Perry herself reflecting her personality and significance in the media today throughout her brand. The significance of using the word Queen in the name of her brand is huge as it illustrates how Katy Perry views herself. It creates a picture of success, supremacy and domination over people. It also shows how her institution view money – like a queen does, something that’s there, pretty much unlimited but not of great importance. In other words, any money made from this product isn’t really necessary, crucial or a main source of profit but just an extension to Katy’s products already out there (music, film etc).

Since the brand is advertised as more mature and different to her bubblegum pop image, the demographic audience is older teen girls aged 15-19 who are most likely to be interested and influenced by today’s media. The psychographics of the audience include an interest in celebrity culture and people experiencing change in their lives – the advert is intended to signify a big change since it represented a change in Katy Perry’s musical career. It aids the transition of naive and cute to strong and sophisticated much like the change you go through as a teenager.


2 thoughts on “Katy Perry Killer Queen Advert

    • Thank you!

      I think the secondary audience for this product could possibly be people like Katy Perry – who view themselves as powerful and authoritative, so I believe she is mirroring them. Demographics wise, I think it’d be about 19-24, the age where you’re just making a name and reputation for yourself in the world and aiming to progress through your career.

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