P & G – Proud Sponsor of Mums Advert

P & G is short for Proctor & Gamble an American Multinational consumer goods company. The company wants us to believe that it is focused on making everyday better for people and also for the planet. This advert which was published in January this year teaches us that after a fall you get back up, try again and by doing this you become stronger and it is our mums who give us the encouragement to keep on trying. This advert is dedicated to mums across the world and thanks all mums for helpings us to keep going and supporting us to become who we are.

This advert is two minutes long, it tells us the story of two mums and their child, one a boy and one a girl. It expresses the feelings and emotions whilst going through life experiencing all the ups and downs when doing something they both love the most. The music builds up the suspense. In this advert the boys loves to snowboard and the girls love to ice skate. The advert shows the determination and the fight each has to accomplish their dream. Not giving up until they succeed. By the end of the advert each have reached their goal after working hard to get there. At the very end of the advert each child thanks their mum for helping them. The advert touches your emotions and tugs at your heart. It is meant to encourage the younger generation to have a go and to keep on trying to reach your dreams. The target market for this advert is the mums of the world who play such an important part in their child’s lives. It is the mums that will buy products produced by P & G. 


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