The advert has the icon of the nike logo which automatically appeals to a certain target audience. Also the advert can relate to many normal groups of males playing football in the park as the advert starts off as the players being in a ordinary park pitch. However even when everyone changes into a professional, one player stick to his own ability and in the end scores the winning penalty. Which shows a sense of power and uniqueness.
The advert is trying to sell new nike boots that can provide success and strength. The advert says that the company are original and want there product to bring out the best in the player.
The main audience is males aged 16+, and the ideal target would be a young male playing for a football team and wanting to feel unique and be the best.
Over all the advert represent success and victory. That can be accomplished by purchasing the one of a kind nike football boots. However the advert also represents mainly having a sense of power.


2 thoughts on “Nike

  1. Good work Ellis, however its always helpful if the link is there for us to find it. Anyway i understand what you are saying and the quality is good but just remember that its better of to use a range of age and remember when using the work young make it as specific as possible.

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