John Lewis Christmas Advert 2010

John Lewis is famous for producing well known Christmas adverts. Throughout this 1 minute ad from 2010, it follows different families and friends preparing for Christmas. The advert itself not only displays the meaning of giving but is also discretely selling their products. This is a smart method of advertisement as it implies that John Lewis doesn’t just care about how much money they make every year over Christmas especially, but they also care about the impact that their products have on people that receive them. The advert uses the stereotypical aspects of Christmas, such as snowy scenery, dark nights, winter weather and the clothes that the people featured are wearing. This adds to the atmosphere of Christmas and also gets the audience excited for the festive season ahead of them.

John Lewis adverts are produced for the entertainment of every age and gender, this is because much of the population enjoy festive John Lewis adverts and look forward to the adverts as much as they look forward to Christmas. As you can see from the advert, parents are sneaking behind children’s backs, partners are wrapping gifts discreetly and the highlight of the advert is toward the end where it shows a young boy giving a stocking of treats to his pet dog. This is the main turning point of the advertisement as it displays the caring nature of everyone at Christmas time and how everyone should experience Christmas in the best way possible and in this advert by buying John Lewis products that is how you will achieve the best Christmas.

The music in the background of this advert is purposely used to provide powerful emotion to the audience. Also in popular adverts like John Lewis, music is a main aspect of the advert as they use popular songs that people will remember and love and more importantly relate to the specific John Lewis advertisement.

At the end of the advertisement, the words ‘For those who care about showing they care’ appear on screen as the young boy walks back into his house. These words highlight that by buying products from John Lewis, this will show the receiver of a gift that the giver appreciates them as much as the receiver appreciates their present. The advert shows that people love and care about others, whether that is a young child, parent, friend or partner.  This also shows that the creators of this advert wanted to reflect the message that Christmas isn’t just about the receiving of gifts, but about the appreciation of the people around them.

Sarah Kendrick


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