iPhone 5s TV Advert

Apple is a large company that is widely recognised by the public. The trailer advertising the iPhone 5s is 1 minute 30 seconds long. This is longer than an average advert however it is still entertaining to watch which is important as you don’t want the audience to get bored and not watch the whole trailer.

The advert starts without background music until it introduces different people playing instruments. These people are shown to be using the iPhone 5s to help them with their music. The instruments are then being played together to create the backing track to the advert. This is good because it tells the audience what the iPhone 5s can create from just bringing different music together. The music is then played throughout the trailer until it fades at the end.
The music is upbeat and therefore makes you feel happy which is a good thing because then you are drawn to the TV to watch the advert.

As the trailer carries on, different things are being shown; A game being played, a father taking a video of his son, a traveller using an app to translate a sign etc. This tells us that the iPhone 5s is targeting many different people from families to teenage gamers. This will instantly tell the audience that the iPhone 5s has not been made for a specific group of audience. The demographics are mainly teenagers and adults and both female and male. Again, this tells us that the iPhone has been created for many different people.
The different things happening in the trailer also shows the audience the different apps that are downloadable. Again, these are targeted at a wide audience

Many of the shots include medium to long shots of people however there are also shots of the iPhone where you can see what it is doing in action. This gives the audience a chance to see the iPhone in action as it shows its many different qualities.
The advert almost makes you feel as though it is bringing different types of people together as the iPhone is designed for a wide audience.

As said briefly before, the trailer is not only selling the phone itself, but the many apps that can be downloaded. This is so people who are already iPhone users can take a look at these apps and may even buy them. So again, the audience has widened because it has been created for existing and non-existing iPhone users.

The quote at the end of the trailer ‘You’re more powerful than you think’ is basically telling the audience that you can be the best to your ability if you had the iPhone.


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