Post on advert for ‘Google Chrome: Coffee’

This advert promoting Google Chrome- an extremely popular web browser that is very minimalistic in terms of design yet includes a wide variety of tools to make surfing the Internet quicker, easier and more sufficient. The advert is 1 minute and 31 seconds long, in this space of time the audience immediately falls in love with the protagonist- Mark Potter, the writer of the email.

As you can see from the advert, what is being shown is what Jen is seeing- the email Mark has sent her and all the things that is in it; the links, the photos, the videos, maps and messages. By doing this the creators of the advert are showing the audience some key features of Google Chrome but in sync with the story line of the ad, which makes it a lot more interesting rather than just showing what you can do with the browser, it shows the impact and effects that this tool can achieve.

The advert is made by just literally showing what is being done on a computer screen- simple, effective and easy to understand by even those that may not have a computer at all! This is why the idea of the mantrying to win his ex girlfriend  back is such a good idea to use because so many people can relate to this, it is universal and people however old, wherever from can understand and empathise. So people like and remember the advert, therefore remembering Google Chrome which is what the purpose of this ad is, to make people aware of it.

The advert is bright, friendly and happy, these effects are created by aspects such as colour, music, the sounds of laughing and seeing a personal side to their relationship makes you feel really ‘in the know’ about what sort of couple they were- a happy one, which makes the audience feel happy also. The effect of a sliding text makes the audience able to read it easily, so they are not overwhelmed with a huge amount of text rushing to read in time, because of course they will just loose interest and stop watching, this is the reason for just using those sharp, short sentence that cut to the chase. The song used in the advert which you probably haven’t really noticed if you’ve only watched it once, is pretty much spot on in terms of the lyrics and also the mood it creates. The song is ‘The Porche Song’ by The Meemies. If you watch the advert once more and listen to the lyrics you will see how much it links in with what is being portrayed.

The creators of this advert would seem to be young, enthusiastic and charismatic. We all develop a feeling of hope that she will go for this coffee and everything does go back to how it was in the photos and videos. As humans we all have different emotions and different things trigger us to feel happy or sad, or excited or scared but this advert pretty much makes us all feel hopeful- the same, which in my eyes is a pretty impressive achievement.

The main audience would seem to be those with a computer that use to internet, how ever this advert could encourage those that don’t use the internet, as it is made to appear very simple, fast and easy to use whatever you’re trying to achieve with Google Chrome.

The advert also expresses a message if you look a little deeper, by ‘Mark’ stating that he was wrong to be at work all the time and miss out on those more important things has lead him to lose what he loves most. So really the message is to not take things for granted and treasure the important things in life.

The advert ends with a quote, ‘fingers crossed’ again emphasising that we are all routing for Mark and we hope he gets his yes off Jen and gets to enjoy a cup of coffee with her, and hopefully a bright future together.


Molly Chadwick


2 thoughts on “Post on advert for ‘Google Chrome: Coffee’

  1. Molly,
    Your analysis is pretty impressive. You understand the advert and why certain things
    are included, which is good.
    Could you potentially tell me more about the audiences? (i.e. the secondary audience,
    the demographic and the psychographic.)

  2. Really great analysis.You’ve included a lot of interesting facts about the advert, Yet you haven’t really included a great detail on the institution,so maybe you could expand on that by answering this question…
    1) How does the advert portray google chrome as a positive brand? and how does this make it memorable for the audience?
    Overall really good,well done 🙂

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