Evian advert.


The advert is made by video and animation. It has a fun and comical feel to the advert as the babies are doing professional moves or silly moves, also because the adults are making fools of them sleeves. The advert looks very professional as the animated babies are done very well because they almost look real. It’s music is dance electronic as they are dancing so they used the music as it has a good beat to it.

The advert is advertising the water brand Evian and they are trying to make you want to buy their product. The advert says that the people who made the advert are creative, imaginative and have a sense of humour.
The main audience for the advert would be middle aged men and women who have busy lives but who like to have a fun time and don’t like the idea of getting older. The secondary audience would be quite sporty people who like be active and fit. The advert is trying to make the audience feel and think that if they buy the product and drink their product that it will give them energy and feel younger.

This advert shows that life need a bit more excitement in it and that people need to be more active and have fun.


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