Representation questions

Representations in the Media

Jan 13
Question 4
Representations are rarely straightforward but are often complex and may be contradictory. What evidence is there for this in your case study? (48 marks)

Question 5
One effect of repeated negative representation is to demonise and marginalise. How far is this true of the representation of the group or place you have studied? (48 marks)
Jun 12
Question 4
There are a wide range of representations in the media and audiences are free to choose how they interpret them. Do you agree? (48 marks)

Question 5
How and why do alternative representations of the group or place you have studied challenge mainstream values and ideology? (48 marks)

Jan 12
Question 4
How are stereotypes used by media producers and why are they so popular?
(48 marks)

Question 5
Audiences are now too sophisticated to be taken in by negative and stereotypical representations. Do you agree? (48 marks)

Jun 11
Question 4
‘Constant media stories about gang crime create a depressing and unbalanced picture of black youngsters.’ (
Using the group or place you have studied, consider whether media portrayals are more complex than simple positive or negative representations. (48 marks)

Question 5
How does the representation of the group or place you have studied differ across different media platforms or genres? Why do you think this is the case? (48 marks)

Jan 11
Question 4
A negative representation is better than no representation at all.
Discuss this statement with reference to the group or place you have studied. (48 marks)

Question 5
Part of stereotyping is the attitude that all members of a particular group are the same, or else fall into a very small number of types.
How and why is the group or place you have studied stereotyped? (48 marks)
Jun 10
Question 4 “1Xtra, MTV Base and ZeeTV are all hugely popular. But whenever I watch these channels, all I see is a ghetto… Nobody wants to be in the ghetto, OK? We all want to live in the mainstream.” (Lenny Henry in a speech to the Royal Television Society, Guardian News and Media Ltd, 2008)
Why would the group or place you have studied want to be represented in the mainstream media? (48 marks)

Question 5 A dominant representation is one which is repeated across the media over time and so are the values that it carries. Discuss.
(48 marks)


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