US ‘Six Strikes’ anti-piracy campaign

In the US five of the country’s biggest ISPs are taking part in the Copyright Alert System which is supposedly designed to educate rather than punish users.

People suspected of repeatedly infringing copyright laws will receive six warnings, after which their internet access may be limited but not cut off.

After users have received six warnings they will be considered outside the system and nothing else will be done.

The ISPs are being left to determine their own responses to users who either ignore six warnings or fail to challenge the evidence against them and it is not yet clear exactly how each will act.


In the UK there are plans to use the ‘Three Strikes’ policy, where users who receive three warnings within 12 months would have anonymous information about their activities passed to copyright holders which could then seek court orders to discover their identities.

The policy had been due to come into effect in March 2014, but has been delayed due to whether the three strikes policy complied with Treasury rules or not.


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