Phone Hacking Scandal

Not really very interesting but I guess this is quite important for media

This is interesting from a media point of view because it involves an ex big time newspaper company whos top editors have been caught hacking peoples phones to gain information to put in their newspaper.


2 thoughts on “Phone Hacking Scandal

  1. bobbi14 says:

    This is an interesting article as it talks about what has been going on for a while. There has been a lot of press surrounding the issue and there will probably be more in the future as it is such a big issue and it has involved many people. The phone hacking scandal has changed many things in the media and the way things have to be done.

  2. abiclaytonx says:

    Good choice, as this is definitely important for us as Media students as the phone hacking scandal launched the Leveson enquiry. As the trial continues, more questions are asked about press freedom and whether a law should be put in place.

    This is something we all have to follow and keep up to date with.

    Good choice. 🙂

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