‘Young children use phones and tablets before they can talk’

So this week we were asked to find an interesting article to share with everyone… I have 2 for you all.

The first is an interesting article posted on the Metro’s online website about young Children apparently ‘using phones or tablets before they can even talk’, which was posted on the 29th October. The article goes in to statistics about a study they have done on over 2,000 children. It is really interesting to see how far technology has developed and how young generations are introduced to technology and gaming so early. It also makes me think about how I actually remember us buying our first computer and I was only 5 at the time and now it’s even earlier that children are exposed to this type of technology – and even newer in fact. It is interesting to discuss whether this is right or wrong… there could be many other stories like this in the future…


The second article I’ve found is just a bit of fun – posted on the telegraph’s website.It is Photoshop disasters over the past few years. Some of them are ridiculous! (But very funny).



6 thoughts on “‘Young children use phones and tablets before they can talk’

  1. The article on children and technology is quite interesting. It brings up a good debate about wether or not children should have access to this technology at a young age. It could also link with social networking and children being brought into the post modern media world early on. The second link was funny and I suppose you could relate it to the fact that the media can be fake and can be put together to portray a certain image.

  2. I think the article about children and technology was an interesting choice as it implies how our world now revolves around technology, considering you have posted your opinion of this too I think it emphasises your idea of the situation compared to when you were a young child. I don’t think this would come with much use to your investigation, but it would definitely give you some evidential support if an exam question relevant to this topic came up: you would have a newpaper article with memorable statistics to back up your points with evidence.

  3. jackhawker95 says:

    the second article s quite relevant to Callum as this is a show of peoples submergence in the media which leads to the hypodermic needle as people are actually believing these edits and it has sent panic across the viewers

  4. kingemma96 says:

    I think the first article is really interesting as it shows how developed technology is and how it effects the way young children are learning. It also keeps us wondering what the future will be like and how advanced technology will get and how it will involve young childrens learning.

  5. The initial article is very interesting as it is a vital media issue, the media is a massive part of every persons life and the age in which younger generations are able to access the media is clearly becoming increasingly younger.

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