IsoHunt, a popular website offering BitTorrents of mostly pirated material (movies, games and music) shut down on the 21st October 2013 after a 7 year court battle against the site’s owner Gary Fung, with the punishment of an $110m fine to The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). Less than 2 weeks later it reopened despite the shutdown deal by a new group with over 75% of it’s original content that was pulled from the site before its close and familiar branding, being almost completely reminiscent of the original site.

This is interesting because it shows an online group who use this website not only as a source of downloading music but also almost as a social media site, as it allows users to make an account and communicate amongst each other. This group of users are the people who have relaunched the site, not the original founder.

BBC report on the closing of the site:


4 thoughts on “Isohunt

  1. -Relevance to the current age of technology and how easily accessible the things on the internet are. Links to the Proliferation of Hardware and Content, which is about the rapid growth of technology which we live in.
    -Has negative impact of the major institutions like Paramount and Disney for failing to stop the piracy going forward, it should be much more difficult to to get past the gatekeepers (access to the information) who store the films and DVD’s.

  2. this is very interesting as isohunt was probably the most well known website to illegally download music/film/games. Isohunt didnt itself contain the pirated material but just acted as a social networking site so to speak where the users could share there pirated material and download using the websites links. This shows that despite how big piracy is there are still people out there trying to combat it, even if it is one step at a time.

  3. This article is very important to people who are looking at the movie industry, this provides a very broad range that can relate to many peoples critical investigation. It shows what institutions today are doing to tackle piracy.

  4. This is a good article and news like this pops up from time to time as these sites are being shut down bit by bit. This could be related to the freedom of people and can be argued against with the copyright laws.

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