Phone Hacking Trial

A few stories have Been in the news about the phone hacking scandal and these could be important for media.

The story include details on how Rebekah Brooks and her husband had attempted to hide evidence of the hacking that they had done and the peolpe who were involved in helping them hide the evidence. However, their plot did not work as a cleaner, Mr. Nascimento, found some of the evidence that was left behind a waste bin and took it to his manager. Many of the people involved have denied conspiring to pervert the course of justice and the trail is still continuing now. The phone hacking has had a lot of press surrounding it and will probably have much more in the future.

This article shows the email evidence that has been found while the phone hacking trial has been taking place.


One thought on “Phone Hacking Trial

  1. jackhawker95 says:

    this is relevant for some people and is interesting by the fact that even though the got caught in the first place but they are still in breach with security policies as they are still at it and the fact that they where caught by the cleaner is an interesting touch as at the time I can imagine she didn’t think the cleaner would provide any trouble but would end up being her continual downfall.

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