Interesting news – ‘Plebgate’

Not sure how interesting the rest if the class will find.

The whole ‘plebgate’ story not just this article for me shows a prime example of how the media can make things much worse. If not for the media the whole story would never of gotten this out of hand, and would most likely have been over and done with way before now however the fact the whole incident was publicised has meant that this issue is still in the news way after the story initially unveiled.


2 thoughts on “Interesting news – ‘Plebgate’

  1. -It goes to show just how influential the media is in our society that a situation as slight as this has so much influence.
    -However a news value which could apply would be Negativity, as people are intrigued to see anything negative in the news even though this isnt as negative as most news stories. Continuity also contributes to its interest.

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