A2 Essay Introduction – David Blakemore

Does the BBC fulfil its remit to remain neutral and representative, or is the criticism that the BBC receives valid?

The BBC are seen as The Daily Mail’s greatest enemy, with a collection of grudges and criticism from Paul Dacre of The Daily Mail and other institutions, this has led to an argument on whether the BBC fulfill their remit to remain neutral and representative, or have the BBC been bias and unrepresentative within news reports and their media products, or has a bigger shock arisen and that The Daily Mail’s criticisms are valid?

The BBC (British Broadcasting Company), is a public service broadcast, in which it is owned by the public and Ofcom, who accountable to Parliament, Ofcom are involved in advising and setting some of the more technical aspects of regulation, implementing and enforcing the law, this means that they enforce a set of rules onto a PSB such as the BBC. These rules include having an array of quality programmes that appeal to a mass audience, that the programmes reflect diversity in Britain and make sure no one is offended by the programmes shown by the BBC.

The BBC has a charter and an agreement in which it is to fulfill, The Charter is a set of rules and regulations that they signed in order to govern the BBC to get the most out of license payers money. The Charter includes six public purposes of the BBC, these purposes are to sustain citizenship and a civil society, promote education and learning, stimulate creativity and cultural excellence, to have a clear representation of the UK’s regions and communities, to bring the UK to the world and the world to the UK and to promote it’s other purposes to the benefit of the public, for example emerging communications and technology such as BBC iPlayer. Overall the BBC’s main slogan is to inform, educate and entertain.

The BBC has an array of channels that they individually aim a specific target audience with mixed genres, BBC focuses more on factual programmes, BBC Three is aimed at a younger audience, and channels such as Cbeebies are aimed at children of a very young age, also CBBC is aimed at the pre-teen audience.




One thought on “A2 Essay Introduction – David Blakemore

  1. Okay, so it’s a start, and I hope that you have continued to work on it so when I see you next you have the next part to look at. This isn’t a bad start and we need to now build on this beginning to make sure that you can add theory and ideas to it to embed it more. You should be using a primary source in the opening paragraph: a quote from the article you mention which raises this issue to the forefront. You need to throw this in at the beginning to make sure that your essay has a really good opening.

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