Liberal Pluralism

Liberal Pluralism is the dominant perspective linked to capitalism.
Therefore the western world would describe itself as liberal pluralists.

Liberalism – Liberalism is the belief in the importance of liberty and equal rights.
Pluralism – Pluralism is the acknowledgement of diversity

Pluralists see society as a complex of competing groups and interests, none of them predominant all if the time.
Liberal pluralists would defend the tile if the mass media against Marxist critics in the followings ways:
– The mass media are free to operate and to express themselves with very few check and balances.
– The free media performs an important and essential function in monitoring the activities of politicians and powerful institutions. Therefore corruption cannot thrive (e.g the role of The Washington Post in uncovering The Watergate Scandal in the mid 1970s; the role of The Daily Telegraph in exposing the scandal of MPs’ expenses in 2010).
– The mass media ensures that the population is well educated and has a good understanding of issues when they vote.


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