Does manufactured pop have a positive or negative impact on the industry? – Bibliography


“One direction reach 12 million sales and presented with special disk” – Author unknown –

“Leona Lewis” – Author unknown –

“Spice Girls” – Brit awards 2013 – Author unknown –

“It’s definitely got its mojo back! The X Factor tops the Saturday nights ratings with 9.7 million” – Louise Saunders – 22nd September 2013

“On music: Leona Lewis is a triumph of manufactured pop” – Neil McCormick – 10th April 2008

“X Factor: The bubble gum pop manufacturing machine” – Leanne Leveaux – 13th December 2012

“Are music reality TV shows killing the music industry?” – Helena Poole and Carina Johnson – 19th November 2011

“The official top 40 biggest selling singles of 2013 so far!” – Daniel Lane – 3rd October 2013

“Bubblegum: The history of plastic pop” – Nick Brownlee –

“1990’s Manufactured Pop Assignment” – Brad Dobson – Friday, 8th May 2009


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