Do adaptations of Shakespeare on screen reflect contemporary, social and political concerns whilst retaining the core 500 year texts? – Bibliography

-Thorough list of all Shakespeare adaptations. More than 410 feature length film and TV versions on Shakespeare plays. Most filmed author in any language. Some are faithful to original story, others use plots rather than dialogue.

-BBC’s TV adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing aired in early 00s. Shows information and development of program.

-Article written by Michael Brooke, BFI Screen Online 2003-2012 copyright. Gives information on first Shakespeare adaptation – photographic record, tableaux-style, mime, animations and British Cinema. Also includes Laurence Olivier’s dominance in British Shakespeare films. Costume dramas – apparently appealed to younger audiences.

‘Shakespeare in the Movies – From the Silent Era to Today’ (Oxford University Press, 2001 written by Douglas Brode)

-This book discusses Shakespeare’s adaptation from play to screen from the original silent movies to the cinema.

Shakespeare on Film – an encyclopedia’ (2012, kindle edition, written by Marcas Pitcaithly)

-All Shakespeare adaptations up to 2012.

‘Shakespeare after Mass Media’ (2002, written by Richard Burt)

-A book showing information about how the Mass Media has affected Shakespeare’s works. ~Actual book still to be found at the library and quotes to be selected – IMPORTANT SOURCE IF FOUND~

‘She’s The Man’ / ’10 Things I Hate About You’

-Modern film adaptations of Shakespeare’s plays: ‘Twelfth Night’ and ‘The Taming of The Shrew’

Doctor Who episode: ‘Love Labour’s Won’

-Broadcast 07/04/07 – BARB viewing figures – 7.23 million, shows Shakespeare as a character. – re-named ‘The Shakespeare Code’.

‘The Lion King’

-Film adapted from the play: ‘Hamlet’. Modern adaptation, younger audience. Animation.

Also similarly… ‘Gnomeo and Juliet’

-Film adapted from the play: ‘Romeo and Juliet’. – interactive, included original trailer. Advertises blu-ray. Also has a facebook page: http://www.facebook/gnomeoandjuliet and also pages, 4, 5 and 6.

-Detailed list by Time Out online. Different, older audience. Written by David Cole, David Fear, Adam Feldman, Joshua Rothkopf and Keith Uhlich. Includes info why they chose the films they did and comments on the above link with out ‘pageNumber=3’ on end of link. Shows people disagreeing/agreeing. – 22/08/13

-Gives information on first ever Romeo and Juliet adaptation and all the modern ones to follow it and how different interpretations have been portrayed.


– Film, 1965 directed by Stuart Burge and produced by John Brabane/Anthony Havelock-Allan. Starring Laurence Olivier, Maggie Smith and Frank Finlay. http://www.wikipedia/wiki/Othello_(1965_film) – Last modified 23/03/13 Controversial interpretation – taken too far? – review.

-Group on facebook, 29/1/12 – 4.7 million likes. Social networking site, active audience, posts quotes, photos – people can share posts.

Student Unit Guide – Unit 4 – A2 Media Studies – Texts and Contexts in the Media (AQA)

– Text Book, Written by Tina Dixon for AQA, 2005, Published by Phillip Allan Updates in Oxford. Quote about genre theory which says ‘genres… cannot always be defined…’ etc.


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