How do post-apocalyptic films reflect contemporary concerns? – Bibliography


What Will They Do Tomorrow? Post-apocalyptic Fiction and the Social Contract – Clare Curtis

“The Psychosocial Consequences of Natural and Alienated Labor” – Michael L Schwalbe, 1986

“Goddam You All To Hell: The Revealing Politics of Dystopian Movies” – Chris Berg

“Cuarón’s Children of Men: Despair and hope in the near future” – David Walsh – January 13 2007

“Children of Men” – Jack Murphy – 26 April 2013

“The Excellent Final Draft”- B.W.S Reppin – 1 May 2008

“Suzanne Collins’ “The Hunger Games” Illustrates the Horrors of a Big Government” – John Tammy, 20th March 2012

“Q&A with Hunger Games Author Suzanne Collins” – Hannah Trierweiler Hudson

“The Hunger Games: A Glimpse at the Future?” – April 5 2012

Other Links Used for basic information/film reviews etc:


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