How has the role of women changed in sport over time?

How has the role of women changed in sport over time?

Introduction- Overview of what essay is about- How women were stereotyped/discriminated against in sport and how female participation in sport made a dramatic change.

-Brief look into 2012 Olympics- quote from Nicola Adams about the women in sport.

Section 1- More depth in how 2012 Olympics had a major impact on society and influenced the view of women in sport- most watched British National TV event.

-Media coverage of men and women during the Olympics- was there a significant difference? Or was coverage equal for both men and women?

-More women noticed because of their achievements in the event

-Female icons/role models in sport – Jessica Ennis- used as one of the faces of the Olympics and featured in a number of adverts post Olympics (Olay advert, Main poster girl for grand prix etc.) and many more iconic figures who are female.

Section 2- Roles of women in the media

-How are women represented in the media through sport- positive or negative?

-Coverage of women in the media- Do men get more airtime then women?

-How many women there are in sports media compared to how many there used to be (presenters, commentators etc.)

-Why these changes have occurred (e.g social, cultural, political events etc)

-However, fewer managers who are women in male sports- Why?

-Referee- Amy Fearn took over a male (news story)- Brought a lot of controversy-women stereotyped- sexism

Section 3- Theories- how these apply to the changes of women in sport

-Post Feminism/ Feminist theory

Conclusion-  In this paragraph I will sum up the points I have made and come to an evaluation on how this change is positive towards the representation of women and why it is so important that women should not be discriminated against and why everyone should be equal- In modern society- people view things differently.


2 thoughts on “How has the role of women changed in sport over time?

  1. Having looked on Google Scholar as suggested by Mr Phipps for sources, it is clear to see that there is a lot of available stuff out there on your topic however the most relevant sources I found on Google Scholar all need a password to read more so I decided against using it for your topic, if you had some time to visit the library then just from the amount of books I found on Scholar you would certainly not be short of academic resources. Instead I went for the most simple way of a quick Google search and I found an interesting article:

    This clearly talks about the steps that have already been made in womens sport and how we need to keep the momentum going to make things more equal between men and women especially in the broadcast of womens sports.

    hope this helps.

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