Brief Media Essay Plan – David Blakemore




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500 word overview:

My question will be, does the BBC fulfil its remit to be neutral and representative, or is the criticism of bias levelled against it valid?

The BBC have been criticised for being left-wing, pro monarchy and anti-government, firstly I want to debate and analyse whether those statements are true, I will be researching into their programmes, including the BBC news, I will highlight what the BBC regard as the most important news and how their news reports portray both the monarchy and the government.

I will be looking into the details of the remit the BBC signed, the BBC promises to serve to the public interests, however I  will analysing and debating whether they support or portray middle class  values in their media products, examples will include character archetypes for Doctor Who, Sherlock, Luther and other BBC dramas, I will also prove whether Eastenders, one of BBC’s ‘soaps’ is meant to portray working class lives badly, although it may be over dramatized, are we meant to look down on the working class for our entertainment, therefore wanting to seek a middle class lifestyle in programmes such as Bargain Hunt, Escape to the Country and Top Gear.

I will also be looking at how the BBC portrays disability, I know that the BBC hired a disabled women who only had one arm as a presenter on cBeebies, however was this a publicity stunt? Or are they fulfilling their remit to be neutral? This did cause an uproar with the public, does this mean that with the BBC being neutral and representative, is it their job to then represent disability as something that is natural and good, this would change the audience’s perception on disability, therefore not creating an uproar.

I will also be looking into the portrayal of race within the BBC, I will be looking at the programmes throughout the years and how contemporary shows are not discriminating race in any form, I will be looking into their media products, such as Luther being played by Idris Elba and how his character is portrayed, also Martha Jones, a companion in Doctor Who, how episodes see Martha Jones, as they go back in time, does racist comments made in a couple episodes shock the audience?

Overall, I will be looking at how the BBC portrays class, gender and race. I will be looking at its criticisms of being left-wing, pro monarchy and anti-government, I will be debating whether the bias is valid, or whether the BBC is just keeping to its promise of serving to the public‘s interests.


What does the BBC’s remit include about being neutral and representative, also what else is in the remits, also who are the BBC, and what is the remit?
An introduction into the criticism that BBC has been given and what sources the criticism came from, also identify the BBC’s TV programmes and media products and their target audience’s.

Section 1:

Compare the criticism that the BBC receives to the styles of media products that the BBC offers, is the criticism valid? Suggest a possible target audience for these media products, use and grats. Theory.

Section 2:

Analysis character archetypes, including class, gender and race within their TV programmes, are they being neutral and representative? E.g. Eastenders, Doctor Who, Robin Hood, etc.

Section 3:

Look at news reports, the BBC are often criticised for being Pro-monarchy and anti-government, also compare the order of importance and how the news reports are presented, use Galtung and Ruge’s news values.


Answer the question, Evaluate the criticism the BBC receives, also evaluate the portrayal of gender, race and class in their programmes with the types of programmes the BBC offers, and do they favour the middle class?


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