why isn’t there equality in the superhero world? essay plan

  • To begin my essay I will talk about the trials and tribulations of living in society if you’re not a straight white male and how you are treated as different then I will link it into the world of superheroes as they are either mutants, aliens but most definitely in some way different which is why this would be perfect to introduce aspects of homosexuality, then I will go into mild detail on how im going to explain how it doesn’t and how it could represent this.
  • In the second paragraph I will go on to talk about the fans point of view of this non diversity and see how they have reacted whilst also looking at what the fans want in fan fictions.
  • So I will begin to talk about the marvel comics industry being a fairly western ideology driven company as they mainly focus on the male superheroes as they give them intricate storylines which can cross different universes and story arch’s but the other types of character have relatively bland and flat or non existant stories.
  • Then I will start to talk about the film adaptations and that there is very little diversity in the lead roles and only recently has there been rumours of a new homosexual superhero
  • Then for my conclusion I will some up the evidence I have gathered and using the theories ive used but then coming to the overall conclusion that there is no reason to why they couldn’t involve more diversity in their characters as a superhero would be the perfect way to explain its ok to be different.

4 thoughts on “why isn’t there equality in the superhero world? essay plan

  1. Obviously you haven’t gone into much depth with this, but I can see that you’re going to cover a wide range of areas to do with the topics. Are you focusing on masculinity now rather than females in comparison to males in the superhero world?

    I can’t decide whether your question title on this post fits with the information you’re planning to put with it. Maybe your question could relate more to the idea of the stereotypical male superhero rather than just ‘equality’, since that doesn’t immediately make me think of how most males in superhero comics and films cool, muscular characters with a very different personality behind their secret identity.

  2. bobbi14 says:

    You talk a lot about what you are going to include in your investigation and there seems to be a lot of research that needs to be done in order to answer your question. It may be a good idea to include some of the examples you have already that go with what you are going to talk about.
    For your investigation maybe look at the Marvel fan websites to see if you are able to get any opinions from the fans that would help you and looking at the Facebook and Twitter page for Marvel may also help.

  3. http://books.google.co.uk/books?id=c72oE4bM7YgC&pg=PA6&dq=racial+equality+in+superhero&hl=en&sa=X&ei=ZzZVUoKyKvSu7AbcvICgAg&ved=0CDMQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=racial%20equality%20in%20superhero&f=false

    This book focuses on the idea of black superheros- rarer and in some cases more inspiring to certain children since they are more similar to their race. This could lead to you talking about the uniqueness of the typical dominant ideology of superheroes (being straight, white, muscular male) – for example even a superhero with glasses, a disability, females etc

    I heard about this story on Facebook- a deaf boy didnt want to wear a hearing aid because ‘superheroes dont wear them’, so his mother got in touch with Marvel who decided to forfill this boys dream and create a superhero with a hearing aid. Again this could relate to how certain heroes inspire certain people- but why dont they continue to extend these characters and their adventures? Maybe because it is just for a company popularity contest? – I think these are some strong points you could include and extend in your essay

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