What is British cinema? – Essay plan

What is British cinema? – Essay plan

Introduction – a brief synopsis of what British cinema actually is and why it is so important to the British people and the British economy. British cinema is an increasingly important feature of the British economy and in some cases the way the rest of the world sees the British people. I will extend my initial introduction and make it more clear what in fact makes a film British and whether aspects such as funding are limiting what Britain can produce without outside help (this is where films such as Harry Potter which is technically ‘British’ are questioned because majority funding comes from American production companies). With the UK film council being cut and limited government help will the British film industry be able to continue growing at the rate it previously had been.

Section 1 – As an initial focus point I will be looking into the history of British cinema, despite the fact much of this research may not be able to be used as its will not be particularly contemporary, I do feel it is vital that if writing about British cinema the history should be referenced as well as what is happening in the present. This also enables me to be able to write about the transition from the past of British cinema to the present and how this has changed the industry as a whole. The British film industry was massively successful in the 50s-70s with ‘Hammer Horror’ and ‘Carry On’ films very much ruling the film industry, from the 80s to the early 00s the British film industry was pretty much non-existent, from then to now it is argued to be the best it has ever been.

Section 2 – I will be looking at whether there are any major players in the British film industry, looking at if certain people have single handedly made a significant contribution to the industry, such as Edgar wright, Simon Pegg, Ben Wheatley, etc.…

Section 3 – I will be looking at whether the British film industry is vibrant enough, despite the British film industry being more successful than it has ever been in recent decades, is the industry in fact limiting itself to a very confined set of genres such as comedy, rom/com or gritty urban. Is this meaning up and coming people are trying to follow this trend and confining themselves to what they know works when we should in fact be branching out into other genres to allow the industry to keep expanding.

Conclusion – This is where all the points raised will be summed up, it is unclear whether there is a definitive answer to my question as it is such a broad topic, all of the factors aforementioned must be summed up and taken into account to state what British cinema currently is and why it is so important whilst also making it clear that the industry needs to develop and continue to expand before it reaches another dark age so to speak.


4 thoughts on “What is British cinema? – Essay plan

  1. You could look at the way some films have other countries involved in the making and production of films but them still being categorised as British for example Harry Potter which if I remember rightly was funded by another country, I think America and filmed in Scotland however characters were still British actors and it’s based on a British book. Also here is a slideshow that you might find useful however it seems like you may have most of the research you need already

    Hope it helps 😛

  2. kingemma says:

    I think you already have some great points to speak about. Maybe you could look at the iconography of different social groups in British film in your essay.

    Not a very good source but explains a bit on how including characters and content that appeal to wider audiences can broaden market. You could probably find a lot on Googe Scholar too.
    Apart from that I think you a lot of relevent points to write about.

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