How do audiences react differently to theatre when translated from stage to screen or vice versa? – Essay Plan

Differences of movie adaptations

– Must be performed on a bigger scale – Usually adds to spectacle – Can take away from substance – Audiences might be blown away by mise-en-scene etc, but can take away from the enjoyment of the story being told.

– Auteur theory – people go to see the films because of director – People may enjoy film more because it’s being directed by a well-known and admired director

– Hollywood star system – May not have been drawn to see the film as much without well-known actors in

– Movies can afford much better advertising – Without advertising, audiences may never have heard about the movie

– Films shown in movie theatres – Much more likely to have film disrupted – ruins atmosphere for audience – Affects enjoyment


Compare to stage shows

– Actors have limited space in which to perform and props to use – More intimate for both audience and actors

– Actors have much more responsibility to remember many lines – Only have the one chance – e.g If an actor forgets lines can ruin mood of the scene for audience

– They’re more emotionally attached to their character – Journey through the performance with them – Actors in movies film through ‘takes’. – Stage actors reactions and emotions can be more genuine, making it more believable for audience

– Actors connect with audience – Witness reaction directl – Can make the audience feel much more emotionally connected to the piece of theatre they’re seeing

– Rely heavily on word of mouth to attract audiences – cheaper to produce – If less popular than other shows, it may not do so well


Expand on Hollywood star system

– Many movies feature famous Hollywood stars to attract audiences – Believed that audiences will enjoy a film more when they know of actors playing roles – Big actors attract mass audience, West End/Broadway stars attract more niche audience

– New pieces of theatre however may also use famous actors – e.g. James Corden in One Man, Two Guvnors

– Many film stars have walked the boards in theatre before – Money lies in film, but credibility lies in theatre – Can be to revive a career, avoid typecasting or simply for love of the theatre


Film/stage adaptations can help renew audience interest

– New song/scene made specifically for movie – e.g ‘Suddenly’ in Les Miserables

– Updating an old story – Changing song orders or adding in new scenes – e.g 2004 Phantom movie




2 thoughts on “How do audiences react differently to theatre when translated from stage to screen or vice versa? – Essay Plan

  1. Hi.

    First reaction–it’s a bit of a hulk of a title! It’ll need tightening up as it doesn’t feel like it makes much sense at the minute. More importantly, starting a question with a ‘HOW’ was one of the big no-nos when prepping essays and this sets you off on the back foot before you’ve begun.

    Your plan is detailed from the beginning, which is good, and you cover a couple of academic perspectives right from the start. However, it seems like your plan tails off in the end so I’m not entirely convinced what your conclusion is going to be. You also don’t mention any sources whatsoever at the start in terms of primary examples, and then squish a few into the last paragraph of your plan, so there seems to be an imbalance in your prep here.

    I’m not sure what the thrust of your essay is–other than providing a comparison between theatre and cinema (big effects, intimate space etc), there doesn’t appear to be a clear argument or voice. Make sure that you have something interesting to say! I would think about the why of your essay and introduce some evaluative element to your question, such as considering which is the most effective transfers and why they have been successful. Make sure you keep it media focused though.

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