How do post-apocalyptic films reflect contemporary concerns? – Essay plan


Here’s a nice collage photo of new notes I have added to my current printed notes and ideas for my essay construction. I have underlined which parts I have already included in my opening so as not to repeat myself in depth and I have added sticky notes to tell me what to add next. The new notes also suggest examples, terminology and follow-up ideas and theories to the points I will make further into my essay. These suggestions will help me develop my essay without leading away from the question and make some more interesting points.


8 thoughts on “How do post-apocalyptic films reflect contemporary concerns? – Essay plan

  1. bobbi14 says:

    I really like the way you have set your research out! Have you got any research from other platforms? Maybe look for more articles etc.

  2. I’ve got a couple of theoretical books about the ideas of what makes a post-apocalyptic film a good film (ie fear factor etc) but most of my sources are online blogs and articles. I’m considering looking at a couple of films inspired from post-apocalyptic games but I’m worried this might take me off topic a little?

  3. bobbi14 says:

    Okay, thats great! If you metion a bit about the board games it shouldn’t take you off topic really. It may be good to mention it a bit because it will give a good bit of information of where some of the post-apocalyptic films came from. Have you found any post-apocalyptic games at the moment that have inspired films?

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