Who is better female or male superheroes? (opening)

Over the past few years, the argument of who is better, men or woman, has raged on with still no actual answer for either side; but due to male dominance from the 20th century the scales have tipped more in the man’s favour with no real legitimate reason; not only is this visible in reality but it can be seen in the fictional worlds of marvel and dc characters; this is visible through the idea that women have always taken a backseat to that of the male superheroes. The argument has never truly been brought to much attention in the idea of patriarchy in superheroes but due to the recent string of superhero films with strong female characters, such as Pepper Potts in Iron Man 3 and General Zods right hand woman in the man of steel, I couldn’t help myself but investigate this topic of and look at the unfairness there is in gender in the world of superhero fiction.

The first time I majorly noticed this was with Black Widow in The Avengers Assemble and the fact that she was an amazing character and in her own rights has a great story behind the character but is forced to the side-lines mainly because she is a woman and marvel are a rather male dominated company because their key demographic is the teenage male. so to find the answer to why this is happening I will be looking all the aspects of marvel and DC Comics, such as their fan bases and the fans thoughts on gender, the values each brand upholds and displays through the use of narratives and visual imagery, also the representation of each gender through the same means as before and finally the history of each institution to see were the patriarchy of superheroes began.
It would be hard for me to find each individual fans opinion but I can try and find similarity’s and correlations of opinion in each fan site and forum; but if I can’t find any similarities in opinion I will then look for a correlation in gender and opinion; but first lets investigate the history of each franchise to find the hidden beginning of patriarchy in superheroes.


18 thoughts on “Who is better female or male superheroes? (opening)

  1. 1) your typos are upsetting
    2) there is no full stops i’ve just passed out after reading
    3) try to avoid use of ‘I’
    4) good structure of introduction with a clear pathway for the rest of the investigation

  2. No capital letter at the start! Also there are no full stops except for the end and the punctuation needs sorting. At least there are capitals for the film names 🙂 I understand what you are talking about but it needs a question.

  3. I like the way you’ve spoken about the two comic book institutions but I think you could expand on them quite a lot- who is their target audience, who runs the company, which films they have produced etc. You have kept everything quite blunt, for example when you jump into representation and it’s obvious that you can write a lot more towards this, so maybe if you do some more research- there are a lot of blog websites that may include people’s opinions of male/female superheroes. This could be a good time to include your source where people vote for their favourite superhero.

      • I struggled to open mine as well without covering the major aspects of my title- I think if you just open similarly to how other people’s have, just outlining your essay title and talking about the sexism involved. Then once we begin to expand our essays you can go deeper into each area. I think what you’ve done so far is almost a very short version of what your full essay will be 🙂

  4. Ella Stewart says:

    If the typos didn’t bug me so much I would say this was a rather good opening paragraph to your essay, and you have used some good media terminology in here.

  5. A well thought out opening with a lot of intresting points that could be branched out through the rest of the essay. I don’t know what you already plan to write about but other examples you could consider would be the use of the female character in Fantastic 4 and also X men (if you would consider that a superhero film) where Jean is the most powerful mutant? I like the way you’ve considered the fact that more contemporary superhero films have stronger female characters in, I think it is an interesting point! 🙂

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