Critical Investigation: Key Dates

Dates for the Diary.

Draft 1: October 23rd. This will be a minimum of 1000 words and posted to the blog. It will be a hybrid of essay plan plus complete paragraphs plus informal communication.

Full Draft 2: December 11th. This is full 2000 words plus bibliography for me to take home over Christmas and look at in detail. I will give you detailed feedback and guidance on this piece and therefore will need it on paper–feel free to blog it as well though so that others can comment and help you out too.

Mock Exam Week: January 8th. Not related to your CI but hey, it’s still a key date.

Final Draft: February 12th. This will be the completed work, bibliography and everything. Little change can occur from this point so it should be your final piece. Only tweeks to formatting can occur after this point, not structural changes.

Date for no more submissions: April 9th. However, your essays will be well in by this time and we will have moved on. This date may be moved back though due to the late Easter.


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