How has the role of women in sports changed over time?

The opportunity to take part in sporting activities is a basic human right whether you are competing for compettions or playing purely for your own enjoyment.  Women’s role in sport has changed dramatically since the first Olympic Games took place.  People did not really accept the fact that women could participate in sports as well as men, or even play at all.  However, this all changed and nowadays you can easily find a woman playing football and many other sports they never used to play, probably better than any of the men you know. People changed their perspective of women being involved in sports when they would see how capable the women were of being good at a sport they play.

Throughout the history of the advancement of sport, women have had to strive twice as hard to gain the same status and recognition as men. There have been many factors, which have prevented women from participating in sport and reaching their full potential. For example, the lack of finance, time or education and perhaps the biggest factors of this have been stereotyping and discrimination.

The 2012 Olympics has been said to have a major impact in the way woman are perceived through sport with many gold medalist being female, such as Jessica Ennis, who is now a sporting icon. Every national team had female competitors and each sport had female representation. “It does feel like these Games are a really stepping stone for women’s sport, to really make a change which is desperately needed” – Nicola Adams, who represented women in the 2012 Olympics winning a gold medal and gaining the title of the first female boxing gold medal champion.


2 thoughts on “How has the role of women in sports changed over time?

  1. Hi Emma,
    Maybe you should begin to link this to the media’s perception of women in sport and give examples of how women are presented in the media now compared to a few decades ago. analyse why these changes have occured- eg. social/cultural/political events that have caused this.

  2. Great start.I’d goo onto talk about how all roles of women in sport not just the performing aspect. Things like coaching sports people and organising events for athletes.

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